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Available Breeds
Please note photos are examples of breeds and colors - not the actual rabbit you will receive. Add 3% for Credit Cards.
Lion Heads
NEW! Grow to about 3.5 lbs
Holland Lops
New! Grow to about 4 lbs
Starting at $185
Starting at $285
New Zealand Rabbits
LARGE: Grow to 9-11 lbs
Starting at $75 Males and $95 Females, $150 Breeding Pair
Black - New Zealand
Sold Out.png
Broken (spotted) - New Zealand 
White - New Zealand
Sold Out (1).png
Red - New Zealand
Diseño sin título.png
Blue - New Zealand
Diseño sin título (1).png

Netherland Dwarf
New! Grow to about 2.5 lbs

Starting at $385
SpringHill Rabbitsm.png

Mini Rex
New! Grow to about 4.5 lbs

Starting at $285
SpringHill Rabbits.png

SpringHill Rabbits is Georgia's home for genetically Purebred Rabbits


SpringHill's purebred and hybrid blue eyed rabbits are famous for farms, pets, beautiful fur and show. Limited stock available. We offer superior genetics you can count on for extremely healthy rabbits with large and successful litters, fast weight gain and no problems or surprises. These are not your typical backyard bred rabbits and we give great support to our customers long after you take your rabbit home.


To speak with someone today call Roger at 770-356-9541




We have everything you need to take your rabbit home today!

Before you leave SpringHill Rabbits, make sure you stock up on everything you need to care for your new bunny!

Cages: Complete Kit starting at $105
Includes rust resistant cage, water bottle and feeder, with underneath tray. We Special Order these and have them ready just for you.
Feed: 25 pounds starting at only $20!

It's extremely important not to abruptly change your rabbit's feed type. Like your cat or dog, they get a very upset stomach. That's deadly for a small animal. Yikes!
We also offer: Water Bottles starting at $15, Feeders starting at $15, Toys starting at $5,  Bedding starting at $10, and Grooming Kits starting at $12
For more information on taking care of your new rabbit, please visit our: 


Don't forget to check out our other farm fresh goodies you can take home including eggs, honey, fertilizer and firewood. Please feel free to call ahead so we can have your order ready!

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