At SpringHill Rabbits of Alpharetta, Georgia we only sell pure blooded rabbits!

A note from Chris, Roger and Linda

We are a proud Georgia Agriculture business and we are happy to support the Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Agribusiness Council and Georgia Grown

We are proud of our son, Chris, who completed his degree in Agriculture from the University of Georgia. Our family began farming in Georgia in the 1700s, and wouldn’t they be amazed how farming has changed! His fascination with genetics and computerized tracking has bolstered our ability to improve all of our animal lines.   


We wanted to further develop our line of pure blooded, all-natural rabbits at our SpringHill Farms in North Georgia.  Conducting careful research on leading edge micro-farming, we were fortunate to expand our breeding bloodlines to give specific attention to superior genetics. Our emphasis is on a clean and modern environment with proper nutrition to produce an exceptional, healthy and non-stressed rabbit.


We offer only pure-blooded rabbits in various breeds. For the New Zealands, we have them in each of the five genetic color varieties. You can learn to mix and match your colors for exciting breeding results!


Our rabbits have a proven record for easy breeding, as well as exceptional fur, award winning show stock and gentle pets. They are known for efficient weight gain, rapidly reproducing, are extremely healthy, easy to raise and docile. 


We have the breeding adult or kit you want today, or you can pre-purchase your young rabbits from our next litter.  


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Thank you!

Chris, Roger and Linda Bonds    



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Spring Hill Rabbits LLC is fully certified and a proud member of The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. 

We are proud to be American Made and to support our nation's veterans!

SpringHill Rabbits is Georgia's home for true blue New Zealand Rabbits

At SpringHill Rabbits you will find the finest selection of New Zealand Rabbits for sale.  Whether you are looking for rabbits for breeding, fur, show, farms, pets or school, we offer superior genetics in a clean and healthy environment.


Visit our farm in Alpharetta, Georgia or browse our selection of available rabbits for sale online.

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