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Farm Fresh!   Hive Fresh!   Pure, All Natural!


No chemicals, no antibiotics, unheated, unpasteurized, and so very good.


Take a bit of the country home with you. 



Enjoy local honey for the wholesome goodness that only nature can provide. At SpringHill Farms we have awesome bees from our apiary that pollinate our gardens, flowers, acres of clover, grapes, honey suckle, fruit and nut trees.


Honey is nature’s only perfect food with key vitamins, essential antioxidants and required minerals. Our farm family uses it for almost everything that calls for sugar, including our morning coffee. Sweeter than sugar, honey adds the amazing health benefits as part of nature’s paradise here on the farm. Often prescribed by physicians, local honey helps you beat the allergens that your body constantly battles.  


We never filter our honey, but only strain it for the bits of bee wax, so you get the most amazing, all natural product.  Hold it up to the light and you’ll see what we mean!


Only $10 for a full one pound/16 ounces.  Be sure to tell us you want yours when you are coming over and we’ll have it ready.













Enjoy the amazing flavor and superior nutrition of our Farm Fresh Eggs raised right here in North Georgia. Our pampered chickens are free of hormones and medications to produce these wonderful, all natural eggs for your table.  Feed your family only the best, and support local, homegrown agriculture.


A full carton of 12 eggs is only $8. Just let us know when you’re coming by and we’ll have them ready for you!








Call OR email 24/7     770-356-9541













Rabbit manure droppings are known as “Nature’s Perfect Fertilizer." It's used throughout the world to put directly on plants of ALL types. No composting necessary! This manure has no smell, won’t burn your plants, and is 2.4% Nitrogen, 1.4% Phosphorus and 0.6% Potassium.  


We use it on everything, for our flowers, shrubs, trees, garden, grass, pasture, and even to raise earthworms. It’s also famous for being time released, as it breaks down gradually over several weeks and then stays in your soil for months to come.


A large bag is only $15. Just call, text or email and we’ll have it ready for you!

From the Michigan State University website, here are a few fun facts about Rabbit manure;

*Rabbit manure has four times more nutrients than cow or horse manure. Cow, horse and chicken manure are considered "hot" and need to be composted.

*One of the best things about Rabbit manure is it doesn't need to be composted.

*Rabbit manure is organic matter and improves poor soil structure, drainage and moisture retention.


*It improves the life cycle of microorganisms in the soil.


*Worms love Rabbit Manure.


*Rabbits manure is not as smelly as other manures and is easy to handle. 

40 Pruitt Road, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

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