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New Zealand rabbits 






Don’t worry if you have no experience. All you need is a cage and feed from your local store!  We’ll also give you all sorts of additional information and resources to get started. Then call us with your questions and we’ll point you in the right direction. We’ll enjoy hearing from you.



Our True Blues are rare and absolutely exceptional.  Not only are they Blue, but they are TRUE BLUE. This means we did not just luck up and have a blue bunny as some do; but both parents, which are pedigreed (purebred), were blues and ALL of their offspring are blues as well.  We literally have one of the few lines of True Blue New Zealands in the United States and now, for the first time, we are making them available to you. Pre-purchase of babies is recommended.



First-come/First-served. If we don’t currently have the stock, simply pre-purchase your rabbit(s). Rabbits breed quickly!  Each is guaranteed of course. However we do not offer refunds on reserved rabbits if you change your mind. But of course, if we don’t have the stock as promised, we certainly refund your money or put you first in line for the next litter.



We are considering additional preferred genetics, although we are extremely careful before we make a decision to add to our bloodline. Email us if you have a proven pedigreed and registered bloodline. Of further interest are winning show stock and awesome colors.  We are at many of the Southeastern U.S. shows, so perhaps we can meet there.

COLOR SELECTION AND BREEDING FUN: Click here to see how you can mix and match our genetic color options to create your own awesome and unique rabbits.  Whether for professional breeding, farm, home, 4-H or school, we’ve got you covered with exceptional genetics.



PICK UP YOUR RABBITS, Weekends preferred:

By appointment only (easy to find)     MAP


SpringHill Farms, LLC

40 Pruitt Road   (caution: do not go to Pruitt Street or Avenue on your GPS)

Alpharetta, Georgia 30004


-Stop at the second house on the right. (Your GPS may take you too far to the middle of the farm.)


-Our mailing and GPS address is Alpharetta, but we are actually located outside the city limits in the rural farming community of Freehome, half-way between Canton and Cumming, GA near the intersection of Hwy 372 and Hwy 20.


-Call when you’re on the way - 770-356-9541. We’ll tell you which barn or house to go to on the farm, and we’ll open the gate and be standing there waiting for you. 


-Please call if you’re running early or late, or need to reschedule (as much notice as possible is appreciated).


Your new rabbit will be well fed and watered. We also sell cages and feed!


Be sure to bring your own box, cage or pet carrier when you pick up your bunny!


Credit Cards accepted or please bring correct change.









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